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News / UpdateHow Physiotherapy Can Help Expectant and New Mothers

How Physiotherapy Can Help Expectant and New Mothers

Why is physiotherapy beneficial during pregnancy?
When a woman becomes pregnant, on the second and third trimesters we can usually notice immediate changes, such as weight gain and physical pain. Here are some significant reasons why physiotherapy is necessary for pregnant women:

A woman’s body undergoes significant changes between the early stages of pregnancy and birth. According to health studies, physiotherapy reduces the risks and problems of pregnancy and childbirth. During this time, women frequently experience pain and discomfort in their pelvic, lower back, and hip muscles and joints. Physiotherapy assists women in preparing their bodies for labour while also providing pain relief. Physiotherapy gives mental support while also strengthening the body’s muscles.


Prenatal Physiotherapy What to expect?

  • The physiotherapist will do a thorough assessment of your body. They will also discuss any health or medical concerns you may have, as well as your health history before and during pregnancy.
  • They will develop a personalized physiotherapy plan that includes treatments that improve your labour experience.
  • Prenatal physiotherapy can help enhance body and muscular strength while also reducing pregnancy-related difficulties.
  • Your personalized prenatal physiotherapy treatment plan will include pregnancy-related stretching and strengthening exercises to help you have a more comfortable childbirth and avoid postpartum risks.
  • Physiotherapists teach a variety of skills and strategies, including rhythmic movement, retraining, patterning, and posture.
  • Prenatal physiotherapy can help to manage pelvic floor muscles.

The Benefits of Physiotherapy for New Moms
Physiotherapy not only helps pregnant women prepare for childbirth, but it also provides incredible health benefits for new mothers in the postpartum phase:

  • Physiotherapy helps with postpartum recovery and the emotional well-being of new moms.
  • It strengthens the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles.
  • Physiotherapy eases postpartum pelvic and back discomfort.
  • Women can increase their bodily flexibility, muscular, urinary, and sexual function through physiotherapy treatments.
  • It assists new mothers in resuming their daily routines and activities by restoring their bodies’ ‘normal’ state.

Physiotherapy is essential for assisting expecting and new moms during their pregnancy and postpartum period. Physiotherapy provides a variety of benefits to women during this changing time, ranging from pain and discomfort relief during pregnancy to postpartum recovery treatment. At Kenzie Wellness Centre, our dedicated physiotherapist is committed to delivering personalized care to women as they prepare for childbirth, recover postpartum, and regain strength and flexibility.

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