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Custom-Made Orthotics

Custom-Made Orthotics
Custom-Made Orthotics

Our Chiropractor is trained to examine the biomechanics of the feet. Not only do orthotics raise and support your arches, but it also addresses the improper mechanics of the foot and realigns your feet and ankles. It helps redistribute body weight to avoid injuries and postural imbalances that may misalign the spine. Wearing Custom-made orthotics can also help to relieve foot pain caused by medical conditions including Pes Planus, plantar fasciitis, bursitis, diabetes, and arthritis


Benefits of Orthotics

  • Evenly distribute body weight
  • Improve balance
  • Improve posture
  • Provide better alignment
  • Reduce heel pain
  • Supports daily activities
  • Injury Prevention

Your Custom-Made Orthotics Assessment includes a full biomechanical evaluation. You may be asked to walk around to provide you with a better diagnosis. A casting of your foot will be taken and will be sent to the lab for development.

Custom-Made orthotics can be made for sensitive or diabetic feet, avid runners, or even kids. Also, we cast orthotics specially designed for specific activities.

Most private insurances cover Custom-Made Orthotics. It is best to check your coverage and requirements before booking an assessment to ensure no delays in the processing of the claims. A prescription with a diagnosis is required, so don’t forget to get one!

Don’t wait until your feet’s condition worsens, start protecting your feet!