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Chiropractic / Digital X-ray

Chiropractic / Digital X-ray


Chiropractors treat disorders in the nervous and musculoskeletal system which includes the bones, ligaments, muscles, tendons, and nerves. It helps reduce body pains through manipulation of the spine, corrective exercises, and soft tissue therapy. Our highly skilled Family Chiropractor specializes in treating a wide variety of injuries and disorders.

The initial session includes a brief review of your medical history and an assessment of your current condition. He will provide a diagnosis and explain how several treatments could help you towards feeling better. Our patients notice an immediate difference just after one session and keep coming back for a much-needed adjustment!

Our Family Chiropractor treats patients of all ages – from newborns to seniors, through pregnancy to postpartum recovery! Our goal is to get you out of your pain and promote a long-term healthy lifestyle.


When do you need to see a Chiropractor?

  • Headaches
  • Neck pain
  • Back pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Upper extremity complaints (shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand)
  • Lower extremity complaints (hip, knee, ankle, foot)
  • Orthopedic and sports injuries
  • Back pain during pregnancy
  • Arthritic pain
  • Postpartum

Digital X-Ray

Our clinic is equipped with Digital X-rays that provide good image quality and real-time results, so you don’t have to wait for the film to be developed! It also reduces your exposure to radiation and creates a safe environment compared to traditional x-ray machines. Our Chiropractor is trained to interpret x-ray results to properly diagnose underlying conditions.

Benefits of Using Digital X-ray:

  • Real-time results
  • Less exposure to radiation
  • Rapid and accurate diagnosis
  • Less waste
  • Higher quality of care