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healthRise and Stretch: The Surprising Benefits of Daily Morning Stretching

Rise and Stretch: The Surprising Benefits of Daily Morning Stretching

Your physical and mental health can be significantly improved by beginning your day with a basic stretching routine. Stretching can not only increase your flexibility and posture, but it can also enhance your mood and give you more energy all day. According to research, stretching first thing in the morning can help your muscles unwind, improving your balance and reducing stress throughout the rest of the day. Stretching can also improve blood movement to the brain and the rest of your body, which will make you feel more energized and awake. This blog will discuss the advantages of stretching in the morning and how it can improve your general health.

Promotes better posture and mobility.

Stretching is beneficial to your body in more ways than one. According to research, stretching can improve your balance, particularly in the shoulders. How does this function? Stretching enables your muscles to unwind before you begin your day. Your muscles will be less tense, and you’ll be less likely to tense up and adopt poor posture. Additionally, stretching in the morning can increase movement. Research from The American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation claims that physical stretching is a useful strategy for boosting functional mobility.

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Boosts Your Day’s Mood

Do you feel groggy and worn out when you awaken? Or do you find it difficult to stay energized throughout the day? If so, stretching in the morning might be beneficial. Stretching is a gentle form of movement, and moving your body is a powerful method to increase your energy in the morning. 

Gets Your Body and Mind Moving

Your body and mind are both at rest when you are sleeping. Your body needs some time to completely awaken, which is why you might occasionally feel sluggish in the morning. Stretching increases blood supply to the brain and the rest of your body. Even the circulatory system can reap some long-term advantages from it. In addition, making use of mindful breathing will increase the effectiveness of this advantage by oxygenating your blood.

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Finally, stretching each morning can be a quick yet powerful method to enhance both your physical and mental well-being. It encourages improved mobility and posture, elevates your mood, and moves both your body and mind. Stretching for a few minutes in the morning can have a big impact on how you feel the rest of the day. Stretching will help you start the day off right by having a positive impact on both your body and mental state.

By: Fargol Sattarian, 
Personal Trainer & Kinesiologist


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