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KinesiologyStress Management and Physical Activity

Stress Management and Physical Activity

Stress can have a significant impact on your mind and functionality in many ways:

  1. Emotional Instability: cause mood swings, irritability, and emotional instability, making it difficult to regulate your emotions and respond to daily challenges.
  2. Cognitive impairment: interfere with your ability to concentrate, think clearly, and make decisions. It can also lead to forgetfulness and memory lapses
  3. Anxiety and Depression
  4. Weak immune system: making you more susceptible to illness and infections, which can further impact your overall health and well-being.

One of the important ways to prevent the negative impact of stress on your mind and functionality is exercising. Physical activity can help alleviate stress in several ways:

  1. Improve Sleep which can help reduce stress level
  2. Boosts Confidence
  3. Release endorphins which are the natural chemicals in our bodies that act as pain relievers and mood boosters
  4. Reduces muscle tension and releases built-up stress in the body.

The key to making physical activity a regular part of your routine is to find something you enjoy. At Kenzie Wellness Centre, our personal trainer offers one-on-one training as well as group training. Exercising with others can make it more enjoyable and provide motivation to stick with it.


We would start with setting up achievable goals and gradually increase the intensity and duration of your physical activity. This will help prevent injury and ensure that you stick with it in the long run.

By: Fargol Sattarian, 
Personal Trainer & Kinesiologist


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